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I went to this business to get all upper teeth removed and a denture.The 1st day I had an x ray done, visited with John Hargett, dentist.

He told me it was doable, saw I had an impacted eye tooth but stated should be no problem. I was asked for $622 which I paid. I was scheduled to return on 1-2-2013 to have teeth extracted and pay another $622. Numbing and extraction of teeth took 22 minutes.

Hargett had problems removing tooth next to big front tooth. He had to numb twice and grind and grind in this area. I heard him say it was a problem and he was bearing down on my bottom lip which caught on my teeth. I cried out in pain.

The pressure in the front area was extreme while he was digging the tooth out. The asst. wiped my face off and handed me the denture to put in my mouth. I immediately said how is it going to stay in and it hurts in the back of my throat and in the front.

Pain was shooting in my eye area. The asst. says that is bc of the teeth removal. I said I didn't have teeth removed in the back.

She simply says," tell someone tomorrow when you come in and keep denture in all night."1-3-2013 I return and I again tell another woman fitting the denture of my pain. She looks at the denture and says, "Why yes there is a sharp point on the back of the denture." She goes and grinds. She comes back and says put it back in. I try and say it still hurts bad in the front in my eye and taking my nose off.

She says I can't grind more off of the nose area but I will try in the other area bc of the swelling is all. No one is looking at these areas! I try to wear again but can't. On the 12th of Jan.

I finally think I have got to find out what is hurting so bad. So I go in my bathroom and start a search for myself. I had stitches in the battlefield area that is always hurting, but the stitch has come out so what is it? I see a sharp splinter of something next to my inside lip and gum area.

I get closer and it is wedged in both and still attached to the gum. When the denture was first put in is was jammed into the upper lip and never did unattach from the gum. I've went 2 weeks in agony...stitches, this mess and dentures that touch my bottom lip with no room to put a spoon in! AND I FIND the impacted tooth sticking through my gum during my inspection.

I email and tell them I've found the problem. The manager calls on Monday and asks why I did not alert them to my problems! I've been twice and told them but no one listened or looked. I went back on the 16th and again was told impacted tooth would be my problem even Hargett agreed he did the pressure pulling teeth and caused it to come through.

Now I'm told oh they can't do this and I must find an oral surgeon. Did not tell me they couldn't handle it before the pulling. I was floored. So I find an oral surgeon and he advises me not to go back to them.

He says he will perform the surgery free because of all I've went through. I have contacted the complaint dept. at this business and all they say is come back and let us try to fix it after my surgery, but says the records show they have tried. Hogwash I found the reasons for all of my pain.

They have done nothing in that area but tell me it's due to the swelling. The denture looks like horse teeth and I paid for the best they had.

$1244 up front before the extractions.Well my surgery is tomorrow and Praise the Lord I feel confidant I am in good hands now.1-21-2013 day 19 the last pic of teeth.


Dallas, Texas, United States #1029597

What a mistake to pull all your teeth- as you learned the hard way.

Why is it some patient's never listen to dentists' advice to take care of their teeth?

to ClydeDDS #1033919

You sir have a lot of nerve to attempt to rationalize this dentist's obvious incompetence and possible malpractice onto the patient herself??You have absolutely no idea to begin with what caused her teeth to be pulled, whether it was illness such as diabetes, hormones or simply due to age itself after having taken care of teeth for most of life??

Irregardless of the cause itself-I find your opinion absolutely pompous and arrogant , devoid of any empathy and/or human kindess which I hope you can hide from your patients since you are a practicing DDS.

If not, don't feel alone. Speaking from past experience myself- it is entirely attitudes much like yours opined by many of your fellow practioners that refuse to accept responsibility for their actions and/or negligence as well as overall insensitivity to patients needs that tend to keep patients OUT of dental offices rather than inside ??

This woman sought the help of a dentist. a licensed medical professional that she thought she could trust in seeking help and relief and instead received agony and pain. Even after repeated visits , the dentist was still incompetent and/or did not disclose the cause of her pain was the simple fact tooth was still intact and had never been removed to begin with??

How dare you try to manipulate this scenario and try to lay the blame on this innocent patient you egotistical turd !

Give me a break. This woman should contact an attorney regarding...

But of course, you're a dentist too-so it's obvious you must all stick together..(gag, puke reflex)

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to TatorTotLover Henderson, Nevada, United States #1236742

Well said. I agree with you totally. That egotistical turd and this quack should jump into a lake of fire....

to ClydeDDS Skowhegan, Maine, United States #1044126

ya youre wrong ...even with out the left over tooth they are the worst dentures iv ever seen. you both should be sued!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #969794

Ugh now im scared again.

Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, United States #923020

There are more crooked dentists than people think. Just like crooked mechanics they will set you up with never ending future works.

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